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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
13314Unread CANADA - USED #2 Grampaone87123081.0%0.030.9943
12900Unread Canada Used & Mint "Reduced Prices" MDavis99910.1%0.094.3557
13261Unread Canada Part One ,Used Stamps. pelleholm1010014.0%0.050.0529
13129Unread CANADA - USED Grampaone87818015.6%0.030.3932
13018Unread Canada Mint NH 1960's thru 70's Uchaos711019.1%0.061.9524
12459Unread Canada Selection of Recent Used - 2012-18 Uchaos817220.9%0.100.1979
12963Unread Canada Mint Early 1900's to 1960's Uchaos912722.0%0.051.7560
13263Unread Canada Part Two ,Used Stamps. pelleholm1010023.0%0.100.1026
13115Unread CANADA - mostly recent, USED, 1990 to 2015 boxwood1223625.8%0.061.2542
12869Unread Canada Used MDavis614927.5%0.070.2751
12409Unread CANADA MNH Scott #315-Current comet662423830.7%0.105.0069
12435Unread Canada Used 1967-2017 comet661743831.1%0.100.1046
13116Unread Canada and USA - used cougar1338936.0%0.020.0535
12882Unread Canada Used "Reduced Prices" MDavis1113537.0%0.050.6563
13264Unread Canada Part Three ,Used Stamps. pelleholm1010038.0%0.050.1027
13416Unread CANADA - MINT NEVER HINGED plus INSCRIPTION BLOCKS Grampaone871018845.7%0.052.9913
13340Unread Stamps from Canada mikek5714749.7%0.050.0529
12982Unread Classic Canada and Newfoundland siem2213971.2%0.055.0069
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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