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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
13321Unread AUSTRALIA Used Two comet66133123.2%0.100.1026
12690Unread Australia -- New Zealand -- Philippines -- Netherland Indies parjac121334.5%0.030.2553
13288Unread AUSTRALIA Sets, singles, & mixtures (Book 13) Misterstamper23224.5%0.154.0034
13310Unread AUSTRALIA Used One comet661230010.7%0.100.1032
13047Unread AUSTRALIA Sets, singles, & mixtures (Book 5) Misterstamper242512.0%0.151.1040
13267Unread New Zealand Part One , Used Stamps. pelleholm1010012.0%0.050.1038
13283Unread AUSTRALIA Sets, singles, & mixtures (Book 12) Misterstamper242412.5%0.154.0032
12838Unread AUSTRALIA MNH Sets, Singles, S/S, Booklets 1918 to 1998 Book 6 Cactusjack235717.5%0.2043.9539
13260Unread AUSTRALIA Sets, singles, & mixtures (Book 10) Misterstamper242520.0%0.151.2518
12734Unread AUSTRALIA MNH Sets, Singles, S/S, Booklets 1946 to 2001 Book 3 Cactusjack226722.4%0.1424.5038
13244Unread AUSTRALIA - USED WITH MINT NEVER HINGED ADDED. Grampaone871022023.6%0.041.7937
12816Unread AUSTRALIA Sets, singles, and mixes (Book 3) Misterstamper242524.0%0.102.0040
12791Unread AUSTRALIA Sets and singles (Book 1) Misterstamper242429.2%0.201.0041
12753Unread NEW ZEALAND - Large Selection of Used Stamps - Few MNH Souvenir Sheets Kemling11938129.4%0.105.0040
12330Unread Australia and New New Zealand Used Gaspelad1313030.8%0.055.00104
13373Unread FIJI - Part 2 - Mainly Used - Majority 70s & 80s StampDevotee1713330.8%0.101.3528
13259Unread AUSTRALIA Sets, singles, and mixtures (Book 9) Misterstamper242532.0%0.101.0023
12477Unread AUSTRALIA MNH Sets, Singles, S/S, Booklets 1931 to 1995 Book 1 Cactusjack226532.3%0.1021.5041
12792Unread AUSTRALIA Sets, singles, and mixtures (Book 2) Misterstamper242433.3%0.152.1044
12114Unread New Zealand Used comet661031433.4%0.080.0846
12453Unread AUSTRALIA 2 - Used 1960-2017 allyouneedgalaxy1630534.4%0.050.7078
12826Unread PITCAIRN ISLANDS - Mint & MNH StampDevotee1717935.8%0.103.2549
12455Unread AUSTRALIA 3 - Self-Adhesives 1995-2017 allyouneedgalaxy1632236.0%0.050.1359
13137Unread NEW ZEALAND - USED Grampaone87410836.1%0.040.0826
12938Unread New Caledonia Mint/Used/MNH to 1970s w/Scott # & Index Soundcrest1915838.0%0.0524.0039
13228Unread Papua New Guinea and some other Pacific British Commonwealth Islands siem914839.2%0.082.0031
12456Unread AUSTRALIA 4 - Intl. Rates Used  allyouneedgalaxy1625839.5%0.020.9065
13266Unread AUSTRALIA Sets, singles, & mixtures (Book11) Misterstamper242540.0%0.251.0019
12762Unread AUSTRALIA MNH Sets, Singles, S/S 1915 to 1998 Book 4 Cactusjack226041.7%0.1628.9531
13126Unread AUSTRALIA: Sets, singles, and mixtures (Book 7): Misterstamper242445.8%0.101.0031
11906Unread New Zealand - Back of Book selection. Many semipostals siem512846.1%0.070.1062
12835Unread AUSTRALIA MNH Sets, Singles, S/S 1953 to 2001 Book 5 Cactusjack225547.3%0.1838.9529
12700Unread New Zealand, used stamps Germet1330748.9%0.100.1049
13256Unread AUSTRALIA Sets, singles, and mixtures (Book 8) Misterstamper242450.0%0.152.8029
13364Unread FIJI - 1878 to 1979 - Used, Mint & MNH StampDevotee2424950.6%0.109.9523
12703Unread TOKELAU & TUVALU - Part I - All Mint Non Hinged  StampDevotee204656.5%0.106.0056
13345Unread TUVALU Part II & GILBERT/ELLIS - Used & MNH - Many Topicals StampDevotee2010262.7%0.101.2025
13086Unread AUSTRALIA Sets, singles, & mixtures (Book 6) Misterstamper242466.7%0.101.5040
12831Unread AUSTRALIA (Book 4) Singles, sets, and mixtures, used. Misterstamper242466.7%0.253.0042
12058Unread Australia used recent grorod816468.9%0.100.3086
13227Unread Fiji, Oceania - mint and used cougar916981.1%0.101.0030
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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