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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
16528Unread Oceania  parjac161050.0%0.010.2551
16003Unread Australia: 1945 Onward 193832471122.7%0.100.1053
16601Unread Australian States, plus a few very early Australia siem231793.4%0.102.0017
16099Unread Australia - used stamps Tobbe656143823.7%0.100.6043
16102Unread Australia - used stamps 2 Tobbe656184605.9%0.103.0035
15847Unread New Zealand comet66164719.3%0.100.1047
16499Unread Australia used and mint (MNH) Tobbe656171559.7%0.092.1031
15764Unread Australia 1959-71 mint/used w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest1814812.2%0.052.9046
15877Unread AUSTRALIA - 60 Cent Denominations StampDevotee1017515.4%0.100.1048
15840Unread AUSTRALIA - 45 Cent Denominations Used - All 8 Cents Each StampDevotee2035517.5%0.080.0844
15853Unread AUSTRALIA - 50 and 55 cent Denominations - All 8 cents StampDevotee1834118.8%0.080.0830
15897Unread Australia ~ Sheets, Strips, Sets and Better Singles- Deep Discounts JohnnyStamp2433321.0%0.155.0071
15998Unread New Zealand Abacusboy42458026.2%0.060.6543
16377Unread AUSTRALIA - used cougar1238227.2%0.050.1043
16066Unread Australia Sheet with Scott Numbers and Values comet661927830.6%0.1010.0036
16582Unread AUSTRALIA 8 - Used Higher Values 1990-2019  allyouneedgalaxy1112832.8%0.201.0031
15984Unread Australia ~ Used Higher Value Stamps JohnnyStamp824836.7%0.200.2050
16021Unread Australia - mint MNH Tobbe6562220346.8%0.103.6038
16570Unread AUSTRALIA 7 - Used Sheet Stamps 1989-2017  allyouneedgalaxy812754.3%0.100.2526
16011Unread AUSTRALIA - SHEET stamps from 2008 & many International Post boxwood1314866.9%0.082.5051
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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