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Book List: ASIA

The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
15096Unread CHINA comet662050336.2%0.103.9554
15290Unread DUTCH INDIES 1870-1946 used (present Indonesia) cougar1821373.7%0.032.1058
15599Unread Indonesia & Netherlands Indies  snowy121510851.9%0.057.0054
15723Unread Netherlands Indies & Indonesia to 1950 used and MNH  snowy122411932.8%0.057.0045
15766Unread Indochina Mint/Used w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest2018153.0%0.057.7537
15786Unread * CLOSING SOON - 50% OFF * Vietnam (thru 1962) cardstamp812859.4%0.070.4737
15845Unread Philippines comet661854912.8%0.100.1029
15848Unread Mongolia comet66172978.8%0.100.1035
15870Unread Pakistan comet66112437.0%0.100.3927
15904Unread Asia Alphabet (1) comet661027213.6%0.100.1044
15913Unread Asia Alphabet (2) comet6691985.6%0.100.1057
15938Unread Animals - Vietnam Tobbe6561225830.6%0.070.0736
16045Unread South Vietnam used and mint hinged winkerbids613859.4%0.100.1021
16049Unread VIETNAM - singles and sets - low prices boxwood1116234.6%0.070.5038
16219Unread PAKISTAN, mainly common used stamps with Scott numbers. Barrowboy1116132.9%0.054.0024
16223Unread INDIA AND STATES, mainly used with Scott catalogue numbers. Barrowboy1528629.0%0.050.8054
16250Unread BANGLADESH comet66612669.0%0.100.1021
16360Unread Korea & Japan - All used - 60s to 90s lerivage1011617.2%0.010.3533
16373Unread Hong-Kong - Elisabeth Period - All Used lerivage810714.0%0.100.8040
16378Unread Japan ~ Used Stamps from the Year 2013 JohnnyStamp1965478.4%0.060.0831
16386Unread Afghanistan selection of stamps siem925034.4%0.060.0625
16392Unread Philippines Mostly Early 1980s MNH w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest185715.8%0.055.7526
16404Unread Netherlands New Guinea and Netherlands Indies siem1026776.8%0.081.0041
16422Unread Japan ~ Used Stamps from the Year 2013-2014 JohnnyStamp2479895.0%0.060.0844
16466Unread Sri Lanka 1970-80s MNH w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest197724.7%0.053.2520
16469Unread JAPAN ~ Used Stamps from the Year 2000-2003 JohnnyStamp1857573.7%0.070.1231
16483Unread JAPAN ~ Used Stamps from the Year 2002-2005 JohnnyStamp2483962.7%0.070.1225
16486Unread KOREA - SOUVENIR SHEETS and single issues. boxwood2314422.9%0.081.2531
16507Unread JAPAN ~ Used Stamps from the Year 2006-2007 JohnnyStamp1553478.5%0.070.1226
16583Unread TURKEY - used - Mostly Definitives cougar516631.9%0.050.0812
16600Unread SINGAPORE 2 - Used 1968-2017  allyouneedgalaxy1011155.0%0.031.2824
16605Unread FAR EAST 4 – Mixed 1960-2018  allyouneedgalaxy2021828.4%0.051.2533
16650Unread Thailand with a bit of Bangladesh - small selection used siem312037.5%0.070.1019
16651Unread Philippines - small random selection siem31007.0%0.080.0823
16673Unread JAPAN [vol 10] - All USED at 8 cents-some old, some new; wide variety boxwood719126.7%0.080.0817
16721Unread JAPAN camuca611820.3%0.030.0923
16772Unread Ajman, Fujiera and other Trucial States Mostly CTO Some Mint Tonym14962.1%0.021.5031
16798Unread India Nice Used Stamps Tonym919714.7%0.050.4022
16868Unread Asian Country parjac181103.6%0.010.2532
16870Unread Laos (Thru 1968) cardstamp811843.2%0.150.6520
16871Unread Japan Used Most have Scott Numbers Yalaynia61174.3%0.150.1546
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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