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Book List: ASIA

The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
12457Unread Malaya - Malaysia and States 1950s - 60s  stampfair1138214.1%0.040.0472
12090Unread JAPAN comet662265614.6%0.040.0873
13187Unread Japan, mainly modern stamps, used Germet828617.1%0.050.2030
13353Unread Japan 1980-88 used dell4c2428019.6%0.100.1014
12569Unread China comet66719520.0%0.100.1039
13117Unread India - Japan & More parjac2418920.1%0.030.2522
13356Unread Japan 1988- used dell4c1724020.4%0.100.1013
12764Unread Asia, Japan & Indonesia, mainly used Germet1029423.1%0.100.4033
12625Unread Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong comet661537623.4%0.100.1029
12233Unread India Clearance comet661757824.9%0.030.0441
13046Unread PHILIPPINES - Large Selection of Used Stamps Kemling11640525.4%0.100.1523
13095Unread PHILIPPINES all with Cat #s. To the late 70s rrraphy919026.3%0.100.2527
12775Unread Indonesia, BOB singles/sets, U/MH/MNH 1951-1970+- w/Riau&Selatan david136171710426.9%0.061.0027
13352Unread Japan 1970-1980 used dell4c2430227.2%0.100.1013
13141Unread China from early 20th century to now, PRC and ROC siem1027428.8%0.050.5036
13394Unread MONGOLIA - Large Selection of Used/CTO Stamps Kemling11017229.7%0.150.1514
12651Unread India from the very old to the very new, all used siem614730.6%0.080.9043
13238Unread TURKEY - TURKEYI - Large Selection of Used Stamps - Also Covers & S/S Kemling11620230.7%0.102.0016
12234Unread India with Scott Numbers comet66831531.1%0.080.0837
13390Unread CEYLON & SRI LANKA - Large Variety of USED Stamps Kemling1616532.7%0.200.2016
12856Unread Malaya and Malaysia - states to very modern siem1021632.9%0.102.0045
13284Unread Singapore the sequel - book 2, including very recent siem712334.1%0.101.0027
13140Unread PHILIPPINES - Used - 1890s to 2000s StampDevotee2339735.5%0.106.5033
13316Unread Japan - 1970-2000 - mostly used cougar721135.5%0.050.1015
13319Unread Thailand Used 2000-2008 Used w/Scott # & Index Soundcrest129739.2%0.052.7514
13346Unread Japan 1960-1970 used dell4c2426239.7%0.100.1015
13223Unread Philippines comet66723240.5%0.100.1022
13122Unread Thailand selection all used siem714540.7%0.071.0033
12083Unread MONGOLIA: big, beautiful stamps. comet661321641.2%0.080.0835
12945Unread Hong Kong, U/MH/MNH 1900-2006+- w/ Scott#'s david136171617341.6%0.064.0040
12767Unread Indonesia, Regular Issues/sets, U/MH/MNH 1950-1970+, w/ Scott #'s david136171716442.1%0.061.7027
12949Unread Indonesia mint and used  snowy122224242.6%0.059.0070
13142Unread JAPAN - USED Grampaone87411742.7%0.040.0617
13178Unread Thailand Mint/MNH Sets & Singles 2002-6 w/ Scott# & Index Soundcrest177042.9%0.054.0020
13135Unread JAPAN > vol 4 - All USED single issues ON SALE !! boxwood921545.1%0.070.1028
13190Unread Stamps from Laos mikek5610645.3%0.050.0519
12598Unread China Back Of The Book Airmail Dues and Parcel Post m/u w/# & index Soundcrest911946.2%0.051.9047
13410Unread North Korea, mainly CTO Opa2435947.6%0.120.2518
13130Unread Bangladesh selection of stamps siem710448.1%0.081.7027
12819Unread China BOB Northeast Provinces Taiwan East China w/Scott# and Index Soundcrest1213548.9%0.051.9043
12485Unread Asia - some Afghanistan and Philippines used siem310650.0%0.070.0731
12811Unread Pakistan - old to new variety of stamps siem514650.0%0.070.1022
12662Unread Asia - mostly definitives, used cougar921750.2%0.030.4536
13191Unread Stamps from Cambodia mikek51120551.2%0.050.0523
12761Unread Republic of China and China with some Scott numbers virgilp1532251.9%0.052.0066
12743Unread VIETNAM - singles and sets - low prices boxwood1112152.9%0.090.9537
13157Unread Iran 1950s to 2000s mostly used siem812153.7%0.106.0027
12953Unread Indo-China & Ryukyus Isl, U/MH/MNH Most w/ Scott#'s david13617912356.1%0.060.5027
13344Unread Japan Used to 1960 dell4c2430157.5%0.100.7514
13153Unread Persia / Iran oldies until 1940s siem610657.5%0.102.0024
12833Unread Singapore - old and new with some higher values siem712958.9%0.101.0045
12474Unread FAR EAST 2 - Ten Countries and Territories allyouneedgalaxy1417460.9%0.030.9850
13009Unread Stamps from the Philippines mikek51121461.2%0.050.0526
13412Unread THAILAND - 1985-1999 - used cougar612761.4%0.070.0711
12927Unread Asia - Mostly Japan cougar721266.0%0.050.1025
13012Unread Stamps from Laos #2 mikek51018468.5%0.050.0528
12795Unread China PR used, mint and MNH complete sets virgilp1919376.7%0.065.0056
12749Unread ** CLOSING SOON - 50% OFF ** Vietnam (1960 - 1966) cardstamp910785.0%0.070.3524
12658Unread Afghanistan Mint/MNH Sets/Singles w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest119787.6%0.051.0024
12744Unread Vietnam (1945 - 1959) cardstamp813290.9%0.150.7027
13203Unread NORTH KOREA (DPR) - Numerous Topicals - 70s to 90s StampDevotee2237791.0%0.100.2029
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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