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Book List: ASIA

The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
13594Unread Indonesia (1960 - 1966) cardstamp112090.0%0.150.4032
13582Unread INDONESIA comet6672476.9%0.100.1027
13447Unread CAMBODIA-KHMER REPUBLIC-KAMPUCHEA - Large Selection of Used/CTO Stamps Kemling1122348.1%0.150.1522
13580Unread PAKISTAN comet6671739.8%0.100.1024
13570Unread Indonesia (pre 1960) cardstamp1528011.1%0.151.0022
13617Unread THAILAND - Small Collection of USED & MH Singles - FDCs Added Kemling12414211.3%0.152.0023
13187Unread Japan, mainly modern stamps, used Germet828620.3%0.050.0743
13800Unread Malaya, Malaysia and states, mint, used and cataloged stampfair215822.8%0.080.0833
13356Unread Japan 1988- used dell4c1724023.8%0.100.1024
13632Unread MONGOLIA comet66812623.8%0.100.1031
12090Unread JAPAN comet662265625.3%0.040.0886
12625Unread Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong comet661537625.5%0.100.1035
13470Unread India 1946-82 MNH w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest1614025.7%0.054.7531
12764Unread Asia, Japan & Indonesia, mainly used Germet1029427.9%0.070.1043
12233Unread India Clearance comet661757829.1%0.030.0450
13353Unread Japan 1980-88 used dell4c2428029.3%0.100.1024
12569Unread China comet66719530.8%0.100.1062
12651Unread India from the very old to the very new, all used siem614731.3%0.080.9052
12234Unread India with Scott Numbers comet66831531.4%0.080.0843
13718Unread Older China Mostly Mint With BOB w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest1520532.2%0.051.9041
13603Unread JAPAN - USED Grampaone87410334.0%0.040.2020
13352Unread Japan 1970-1980 used dell4c2430235.1%0.100.1021
13140Unread PHILIPPINES - Used - 1890s to 2000s StampDevotee2339735.5%0.106.5038
12775Unread Indonesia, BOB singles/sets, U/MH/MNH 1951-1970+- w/Riau&Selatan david136171710435.6%0.061.0037
13284Unread Singapore the sequel - book 2, including very recent siem712335.8%0.101.0037
13316Unread Japan - 1970-2000 - mostly used cougar721138.4%0.050.1022
13810Unread Stamps from Japan mikek5815439.6%0.060.0622
13319Unread Thailand Used 2000-2008 Used w/Scott # & Index Soundcrest129742.3%0.052.7523
13549Unread INDONESIA – Mixed 1950-2015 allyouneedgalaxy610643.4%0.030.1524
13775Unread JAPAN > vol 5 - All USED, mainly recent issues  boxwood719744.2%0.090.1520
12856Unread Malaya and Malaysia - states to very modern siem1021644.4%0.102.0051
13394Unread MONGOLIA - Large Selection of Used/CTO Stamps Kemling11017247.1%0.150.1518
13346Unread Japan 1960-1970 used dell4c2426247.7%0.100.1026
13141Unread China from early 20th century to now, PRC and ROC siem1027448.5%0.050.5050
13130Unread Bangladesh selection of stamps siem710450.0%0.081.7034
13614Unread VIETNAM - singles and sets - low prices boxwood1218351.9%0.090.4021
13794Unread Mongolia Mint/Used sets/singles Through 1980s with Index/Scott# Soundcrest185752.6%0.055.7519
13729Unread JAPAN - 1998-2018 - used cougar413553.3%0.070.0722
13828Unread JAPAN - 2010-2018 - used cougar520259.9%0.050.0518
13153Unread Persia / Iran oldies until 1940s siem610660.4%0.102.0032
13344Unread Japan Used to 1960 dell4c2430160.5%0.100.7528
13581Unread VIET NAM comet66511260.7%0.100.1030
13412Unread THAILAND - 1985-1999 - used cougar612761.4%0.070.0722
13410Unread North Korea, mainly CTO Opa2435967.4%0.120.2531
13692Unread NORTH KOREA (DPR) - Used 70s, 80s & 90s - No Duplication StampDevotee1917969.8%0.2016.5028
13550Unread INDOSTAN 4 – Used 1990-2017 allyouneedgalaxy1115286.2%0.020.2537
13203Unread NORTH KOREA (DPR) - Numerous Topicals - 70s to 90s StampDevotee2237791.0%0.100.2037
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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