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Book List: ASIA

The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
14638Unread Asian Country parjac181000.0%0.030.2555
14741Unread Cambodia (thru 1974) cardstamp81304.6%0.150.9527
14852Unread SINGAPORE - USED issues from 1980 to recent, some higher values. boxwood91044.8%0.081.0021
14853Unread Cambodia. 1988-1997 runner142206.8%0.060.0616
14758Unread Singapore selection of stamps, incl. recent siem41258.0%0.080.2538
14543Unread Japan early to recent issues ConnieB1235812.6%0.040.0849
14565Unread Japan 2014 - 2018 used issues ConnieB947413.9%0.080.0837
14788Unread Vietnam, all periods, including some Vietcong stamps siem1333714.2%0.060.9035
14713Unread Japan Prefecture Stamps, Used, Unsorted BrechiniteUK1011815.3%0.090.0936
14612Unread Ceylon and Sri Lanka, old to new - all used siem716515.8%0.080.6534
14813Unread Asia Mint and used  stampfair420218.3%0.090.0946
14862Unread Asia e some African stamps camuca68619.8%0.080.1028
14773Unread Thailand Early to Modern Used (few MNH) Globalphilately810921.1%0.051.5044
14461Unread Southeast Asian Countries comet661649722.7%0.100.1040
12625Unread Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong comet661537625.5%0.100.1053
14609Unread India: 1958 Onward. 1938324510026.0%0.100.1025
12090Unread JAPAN comet662265626.5%0.040.08107
14672Unread NEPAL - 1929 to 1994 - Part I of a Collection - All Different StampDevotee2036127.1%0.100.2550
14662Unread JAPAN > vol 7 - USED, mostly 80y issues from 2010, some better values. boxwood1023628.0%0.080.2031
14595Unread Nepal Abacusboy4516428.0%0.100.1026
14570Unread SINGAPORE - Used 1968-2017  allyouneedgalaxy910128.7%0.051.5029
12233Unread India Clearance comet661757829.1%0.030.0462
12234Unread India with Scott Numbers comet66831531.7%0.080.0852
14687Unread NEPAL - Part II - Higher SCV Issues, 2016 Edition StampDevotee1411631.9%0.302.5036
14429Unread Kuwait runner913532.6%0.140.4229
14821Unread JAPAN > vol 8 - USED, mostly 80y issues  boxwood1022733.5%0.100.2018
14600Unread Japan & Korea; classic, Wartime, 1950's; 85% off Scott dresden1015234.9%0.054.0042
14841Unread JAPAN - used  cougar830635.0%0.050.0722
13965Unread Thailand 1978-2008 MNH Sets/Singles w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest167739.0%0.054.0043
14304Unread China (Pre 1950) cardstamp610039.0%0.150.4046
14592Unread Japan 2007 + used issues ConnieB1747839.5%0.100.1034
14549Unread Cambodia.  runner1422446.9%0.060.1227
14541Unread JAPAN 10 - Used 2014-2018 allyouneedgalaxy1536253.3%0.100.2028
14839Unread Indonesia - Vienna issues, most mint siem49954.5%0.050.4020
14357Unread Malaysia: 1963 Onward 1938324510055.0%0.100.1021
14591Unread FAR EAST 3 – Mixed 1960-2018  allyouneedgalaxy1724056.3%0.051.3339
14659Unread JAPAN - USED Grampaone87511756.4%0.030.0731
14422Unread Tannu Touva, modern Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan.  runner1613558.5%0.103.5034
14412Unread ASIA - used, CTO, mint cougar1127760.3%0.050.9535
14770Unread Vietnam used and a few mint winkerbids614669.2%0.100.1017
13856Unread Dutch Colonies: Neth. New Guinea, Neth Indies and Curacao siem518770.1%0.050.2552
14503Unread Sri Lanka: 1972 Onward 1938324510078.0%0.110.1127
14493Unread Brunei and Macao. Used and mint. runner1214680.8%0.120.5027
13927Unread Viet Nam, Democratic Republic: 1965 Onward  1938324510090.0%0.100.1044
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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