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Book List: AFRICA

The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
13371Unread Africa E-M Clearance comet662451310.9%0.100.1034
13041Unread Mauritius 1890s to 1990s mint/used With Scott# & Index  Soundcrest205211.5%0.0514.0042
12789Unread Egypt & Other African Country parjac2413614.0%0.030.7533
13297Unread BURUNDI - Large Selection of Used/CTO Singles Kemling11321720.3%0.150.2016
13020Unread RWANDA - MINT AND USED. Grampaone871019223.4%0.050.1017
13024Unread Egypt 3(UAR) Portrait Issues 1923-1960 Mostly Used, Kings Fuad/Farouk david13617811425.4%0.063.5028
13354Unread Rwanda comet661428826.0%0.100.1017
12956Unread TANZANIA - Large Selection of Used/CTO & MH Stamps & Sheets Kemling11729626.4%0.102.0028
13335Unread LIBERIA, singles and SETS, MNH/(cto). Sets ALL have cat #s rrraphy2015327.5%0.061.5019
12960Unread TOGO - REPUBLIQUE TOGOLAISE - Small Selection of Used & CTO Stamps Kemling1510227.5%0.151.0021
12824Unread Liberia (1951 - 1969) cardstamp1013327.8%0.150.4520
12219Unread Liberia 1970s Heavy Topicals Price Reducedstampfair811428.1%0.040.0464
12829Unread South Africa -- Ethiopia & More African Country parjac2413030.0%0.020.2530
12898Unread French Morocco - selection with some BOB siem514330.1%0.100.5028
13210Unread Nigeria colonial and very recent, all used siem713730.7%0.050.4027
12926Unread Africa-Upper Volta-Burkina Faso,Sudan,Uganda Reg/BoB/sets, U/MH/MNH  david136171315030.7%0.062.0037
13366Unread Africa N-Z Clearance comet661633830.8%0.100.1021
12939Unread Angola Mint & Used Through 1970s With Scott# & Index Soundcrest2116230.9%0.0511.0036
13367Unread Africa A-D Clearance comet662251931.6%0.100.1034
11868Unread Stamps from Rwanda mikek5611731.6%0.050.0547
12827Unread Mozambique - mostly colonial and mostly used siem312832.8%0.100.1029
13388Unread Kenya 1963-94 Mint/Used/MNH Mostly singles w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest199835.7%0.054.0017
13082Unread Cameroun early 1900s to 1970s mint and used stampfair619936.2%0.070.0750
13361Unread South Africa (RSA) comet661546237.7%0.100.1027
13188Unread South Africa region: states, homelands, SWA and more siem616138.5%0.100.5026
13381Unread Fr/Port/Republic de Guinee/Guinea-Bissau U/CTO/MH Ind/Sets w/Scott#'s david136172025039.2%0.063.0029
13317Unread Ivory Coast To 1971 Mint/Used w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest1911739.3%0.057.7520
12641Unread Dahomey Used/Unused 1899-1975 Incl BOB with Scott #'s david136171723139.4%0.061.0044
12828Unread Angola - colonial mint and used, also better modern siem615240.1%0.100.8539
13387Unread Transkei (South African State) MNH Sets W/Scott# & Index Soundcrest163740.5%0.015.0023
12803Unread TOGO - Used 1970s Heavy Topicals set and singles stampfair716641.0%0.100.1030
12899Unread Morocco - kingdom (after independence) incl. very recent siem410041.0%0.050.2029
13049Unread LIBYA - 1964-1976 - mint cougar118243.9%0.305.2522
13063Unread Egypt 4(UAR) Mid-size issues, BoB, Air mail, U/MH/MNH  david136171418045.6%0.062.0026
13176Unread SUDAN - Used, mint & MNH StampDevotee1614947.0%0.102.8029
12813Unread Liberia (thru 1950) cardstamp1011447.4%0.150.7020
13326Unread Stamps from Congo mikek5711351.3%0.050.0520
13370Unread Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika/Tanzania comet661228852.4%0.100.1028
13006Unread Egypt 2(UAR) Better Values U/MH & Early Pyramids/Sphinx w/Scott#'s  david136171611052.7%0.074.0028
12672Unread Togo U/CTO/MH/MNH/Singles/Sets/BOB 1924-2002 w/ Scott#'s david136171917753.7%0.062.0032
13014Unread Stamps from Madagascar mikek51220354.2%0.050.0529
12993Unread Egypt (UAR) Commemoratives 1944-1973 U/MH w/Scott#'s 241-936 david13617511658.6%0.060.0820
13166Unread Kenya Uganda Tanganyika (KUT) selection siem410959.6%0.100.3033
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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