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What we collect!

Modern Stamps from France - Mostly CTO's #2 - Price Reduction

(Book Number 27273)

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Total Pages:21
Total Items:430
Last Page Added:26 Jan 2023
Sold Items: 155
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Book Description
Modern Stamps from France - These are my duplicates - Mostly CTO's if that means anything Still some great stamps - Always Reasonable Shipping - Check out my other approvals and future approvals I plan to have in the near future.
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The seller has not indicated any country shipping limitations.
Payment and Shipping Terms

$1.00 United States
$1.50 Outside the United States

I accept Paypal, cash, Good Checks. I always do combine shipping.
You can send PayPal payments to mikek5@fuse.net

Minimum Paypal Order $2.00 which includes shipping

Because of recent orders that have been lost overseas, I will not be responsible for lost items overseas anymore. I hate to do this but I take great pains and expense to put the stamps in heavy duty envelopes and secure them the very best I can.

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