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Italia. Used Stamps
(Book Number 20402)

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Last Page Added: 06 Apr 2021
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Book Description

The stamps you buy are those that appear in the images. They are in good condition but it seems that they are used.
They are mainly sorted by Issue Date.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any clarification.
Best Regards

Country Shipping Limitations

The seller has not indicated any country shipping limitations.

Payment and Shipping Terms


Regular Postal Service (at the risk of the Buyer): To 50 gr.: 2,30 USD

Registered Mail Includes insurance (up to 33,50 USD) and shipping locator): To consult

If you are buying more items, let me know and I'll wait until group and save shipping costs.

Allways wait for my communication with the total amount payable. I would appreciate that the Buyer requests a bill for the total of your purchases if it considers the already completed.

Accept payments with PAYPAL (0,40 USD + 4,00% Fees payable by the Buyer) or by Bank Transfer from countries of the European Union (SEPA with no cost to the Seller)

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