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US First Day Covers - Book 4 - 1977 up ! - SALE Prices Reduced!
(Book Number 20458)

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Total Pages/Items: 24/75
Last Page Added: 05 Apr 2021
Sold Items: 28
Percent Sold: 37.3%


Book Description

US First Day Covers 1977 up and Random Stuff!
Note - Scanner may have cut off some edges, covers are complete and intact!

Country Shipping Limitations

The seller has not indicated any country shipping limitations.

Payment and Shipping Terms

Friendly terms, I just want to make it easy for everyone! Most of these items I've owned many years and am happy to send them on to new lives. This should be a win / win for everyone!

Will accept checks, money orders and Paypal.

USA - $1.10
International - $2.00
(Actual Postage Costs!)

Thanks for your interest!

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