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U.S. RPO Cancels on Cover w/ Towle reference
(Book Number 13804)

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Total Pages/Items: 12/24
Last Page Added: 09 Feb 2019
Sold Items: 3
Percent Sold: 12.5%


Book Description

Noted with Towle Catalog #s. Nice cancels, some commercial covers, postal history..... no particular order.

Country Shipping Limitations

The seller has not indicated any country shipping limitations.

Payment and Shipping Terms

Payments: Cash (not recommended)
Check or money order
Paypal... lots totaling $5.00 or more

Lots will be combined to save on postage. Let me know when you are ready to complete your transaction, I will send an updated invoice. I would appreciate settling up within 14 days, but am very flexible, please keep in touch.

USA: Small item starts at $0.55
Covers.......start at $0.75
Tracking starts at $3.55 (up to 3 ounces)

Canada: Small items start $1.20 (2 ounces, 56 grams)

World Wide: Flat starts $2.50 contact me for best price

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