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What we collect!
What we collect!

WORLDWIDW - Stamps, S/S, Entires, Album pages

(Book Number 28110)

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Total Pages:27
Total Items:329
Last Page Added:22 Apr 2023
Sold Items: 139
Percent Sold:42.2%


Book Description
Worldwide, including stamps, SOuvenir Sheets, Envelopes, Postal cards, and Album pages. If you think that the price of an item is too high, make an offer, and if not sold in 15 days I´ll consider it.
Country Shipping Limitations
Because of past shipping problems, this seller will not ship to the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan
Payment and Shipping Terms
Postage $ 2.00 worldwide (up to 50 stamps or 3 entires). For registered mail, please add extra $2.50.

Prefer Paypal payment (+0.70) Please no cash.

Except for the more expensive stamps, all others are listed at prices according to my feeling. If you want any at a lower price, please let me know.

These stamps are all my duplicates. They are also available for exchange. If so, ask me for my wantlist (all showing pictures)

Violet nrs on the scans of entires are only on the scans, NOT on the actual entires.

Due to restrictions of the Postal Authorities, at the momentI will only ship to countries in Europe and South and NOrth America. Sorry about this!

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