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Perfs- Worlwide, With Emphasis on Europe & North-America
(Book Number 16381)

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Total Pages/Items: 10/174
Last Page Added: 18 Dec 2019
Sold Items: 36
Percent Sold: 20.7%


Book Description

All used perfs. Condition varies from fair to second rate. No outstanding but a few. I am not an expert on perfs, so any comment is appreciated through Stamporama messaging system. (I hope I will not be overwhelmed!)

Country Shipping Limitations

The seller has not indicated any country shipping limitations.

Payment and Shipping Terms

Payment and shipping terms: shipping from France - Regular (weight under 20g) $1.30 -mailings over 20g in weight, oversize or bulky are subject to overweight/oversize charges.
Payment with PayPal add 0.35 $ + 3.5% of total (including shipping). For Eurozone, bank transfers are free (I will send my IBAN). Payment in cash (coins nor recommended by postal services, but possible) accepted in US$, UK Pound, and Euros. Exchange rate on www.xe.com at the date of billing. Please mention beforehand if you plan to pay in cash.

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