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ARGENTINA Commemoratives Vol 2. 1955-70 ALL with cat #s, Yr, ~No Dupl
(Book Number 18702)

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Last Page Added: 26 Sep 2020
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Book Description

ARGENTINA Commemoratives Vol 2. Almost NO Definitives. 1955-70. ALL with Scott Cat #, Yrs and NO duplicates. In approximate chronological order, and grouped by price. Higher Valued stamps or sets, at the end. Mostly USED. Some stamps may have un-noted pencil markings or other small flaws, I try to footnote imperfections, but some can escape me. Also WMKs could be hard to id on some stamps, I try but I am never sure. If you don't like a stamp ask for credit. Billing is once per month or by request.

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My email is rrraphy@yahoo.com.

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