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What we collect!
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Canada BOB/ Air Mail, Special Delivery, OHMS/G, War Tax, Postage Due

(Book Number 27114)

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Total Pages:7
Total Items:103
Last Page Added:11 Jan 2023
Sold Items: 71
Percent Sold:68.9%


Book Description
This book contains FVF to VF used stamps Back of the Book, including Air Mails, Special Delivery, OHMS/G Ovp't, War Tax, Postage dues, precancels and more, with a few mints.
Country Shipping Limitations
The seller has not indicated any country shipping limitations.
Payment and Shipping Terms
S/H cost is $1.25 if your mailing address is in Canada, $1.60 if you’re in the US and $2.95 for any other country. For multiple purchases in Auction, please wait for invoice. Cost please add 5 cents per extra lot won for combined shipping.
Payment shall be done through PayPal at: Uchaos2014@gmail.com
Other charges will be 40 cents for purchases under $5.00 for PayPal fees and 70 cents above $5.00

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