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Peru, Venezuela, Costa-Rica - All used, all 8 cents
(Book Number 14000)

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Total Pages/Items: 6/117
Last Page Added: 04 Mar 2019
Sold Items: 60
Percent Sold: 51.3%


Book Description

These stamps have been circulated mainly on parcels. Do not expect the highest conservation quality

Country Shipping Limitations

The seller has not indicated any country shipping limitations.

Payment and Shipping Terms

Payment and shipping terms: shipping from France - Regular (weight under 20g) $1.30 -mailings over 20g in weight, oversize or bulky are subject to overweight/oversize charges.
Payment with PayPal add 0.35 $ + 3.5% of total (including shipping). For Eurozone, bank transfers are free (I will send my IBAN). Payment in cash (coins nor recommended by postal services, but possible) accepted in US$, UK Pound, and Euros. Exchange rate on www.xe.com at the date of billing. Please mention beforehand if you plan to pay in cash.

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