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Spain USED 1960 to 1975 (Years) with Scott #'s - All stamps 6 cents
(Book Number 13459)

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Last Page Added: 26 Dec 2018
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Book Description

Used Spain, there are a handful of MH items, I will specify these as I go along in the listing, (There are very few mint in this approval.) Thanks for looking! All stamps are 6 cents a piece. You can combine approvals with auctions, please let me know if you want to combine. Thanks again!

Country Shipping Limitations

The seller has not indicated any country shipping limitations.

Payment and Shipping Terms

Payment taken: Checks (US Banks), Money Order, or Cash (at your own risk). US customers - I accept Mobile Phone payments through Zelle, use swaree.mn@gmail.com - there is no cost and is my preferred payment option for electronic payments in the USA. (If your bank offers.) Paypal is accepted on all orders, however discouraged for small orders inside of the United States. I will ship as soon as I receive payment.

Shipping from Minnesota (U.S.)
Canada: $1.15
Every where else: $1.50

Combined shipping is always offered, however if the auction goes over 2 ounces, I will ask for additional shipping. Items such as Souvenir Sheets that require a large envelope will require additional postage. Please let me know if you want to hold your order, otherwise I automatically invoice upon the completion.

If there is an issue, let me know and I will resolve. I will refund your purchase if necessary.

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